Civil Engineering


The vision of the department is to create competent civil engineers who will contribute innovatively in both public and private sectors, serve community, pursue higher studies and take up the challenges of cutting edge technologies.


The mission of the department is to impart student-centric innovative education in research-conducive environment to transform the students into world class civil engineers. The department will ensure that the graduates are employable, good entrepreneurs, competent scholars and creative designers bringing excellence in the areas of construction technologies, global infrastructural development, maintaining sustainable environment and improving quality of life. 

Civil Engineering, the oldest traditional engineering discipline, provides excellent opportunity to build, save and change the face of the country. The 150 year old discipline has contributed largely to build new India giving one of the largest global networks of roads and rail route, marvelous bridges, highest railway embankment, underground railways, tunnels, industrial and high rise buildings, multipurpose river valley projects, and developing commendable sanitation, irrigation and water supply projects.

Recognizing the increasing market demand for the discipline for furtherance of development, Hooghly Engineering and Technology College has set up the Civil Engineering Department since its inception.

The Students are taken rigorously through the following courses, theoretical and practical, so that they become courageous, competitive and savvy and are capable of accepting the challenges to do, be and make in the life long process of unlearning and learning:

Engineering Materials Building Design and Drawing
Surveying Analysis and Design of Structures
Fluid Mechanics Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
Environmental Engineering Water Resources Engineering
Transportation Engineering Quantity Surveying
Project Management Concrete Technology

The Department is going to introduce M.Tech. Course shortly