Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is the mother of many engineering streams that have sprung up in the last few decades e.g.

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Instrumentation Engineering,
  • Computer Science and Engineering,
  • Computer Science and Engineering,

It is also a sister of core streams like mechanical engineering, civil engineering etc. No engineering discipline can sustain growth in modern days without the help of electrical engineering. Almost all devices are fed by electricity – anything mobile is driven by electricity. Therefore electrical industry is considered to be the key sector in any growing economy. The per capita production of power and consumer goods is an index of prosperity of the country. This index was extremely poor at the time India won her independence. But by persistent efforts now India has achieved remarkable growth in the field of electrical industry and its products have gained global fame. The crawling infancy has been overcome. Now we are looking forward to a bright and prospective future. With this view, Hooghly Engineering and Technology College (HETC) opened its electrical engineering stream.

The department is equipped with

  • Well-furnished class-rooms
  • Well-equipped laboratories
  • Office accommodation.

The laboratories are equipped with sets of experiments as per syllabi of West Bengal University of Technology, supporting instruments & accessories and computers. The department has a strong faculty base headed by a retired professor of Jadavpur University. The faculty bas comprises of young, dynamic and brilliant teachers who have passed from reputed institutions. The college gives all possible privileges to the teachers so that they may acquire higher education. Also they are inspired to take part in seminars and workshops.

The library has adequate number of text and other books of electrical engineering. The number of tittles and volumes are being steadily increased with the growth of the institution.